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Action for Happiness helps people take action for a happier and more caring world. Happiness is about our lives as a whole: it includes the fluctuating feelings we experience everyday but also our overall satisfaction with life. It is influenced by our genes, upbringing and our external circumstances – such as our health, our work and our financial situation.But crucially it is also heavily influenced by our choices – our inner attitudes, how we approach our relationships, our personal values and our sense of purpose.
02_Brain-and-Body Body & Brain Yoga & Taichi isn’t just for you physical health, it is also exercise to open your mind and heart. You will enjoy a deep experience of power, serenity, joy, and emotional stability that ripples effects into all areas of your life. What makes Body & Brain unique is our brain-based approach to comprehensive wellness.


The Sussex-based creative support network for mothers – Mothers Uncovered. A safe space to explore feelings openly and honestly, without judgement. We help women reconnect with their pre-motherhood selves. Our parent company, Livestock is a charity so we apply for grants. Over the years we have received funding from Brighton & Hove City Council, Santander, Awards for All, The Co-operative and Sussex Community Foundation. However, the funding is quite precarious and we have had to introduce charges for our courses in order to continue.
Kirty Norton Kirsty Norton teachs people to access the deep well of vitality within through yoga, relaxation, mediation and breath work. She is a holistic therapist which encompasses reflexology, massage, facial and aromatherapy. Kirsty has been teaching since 2004 and practising since 1994. She is a holistic therapist which encompasses massage. reflexology, aromatherapy. She is a Reiki master and teaches people how to tune into their energy to feel the vibrancy that we all are.
Brighton-Natural-Health-Centre Brighton Natural Health Centre (BNHC) is a registered charity that’s been helping keep Brighton healthy and happy for over 30 years. Based in the North Laine, Brighton, we run Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qigong, Hula Hooping, Pregnancy and Mums and Babies classes, courses and workshops for all ages and levels of fitness. They offer quality teaching from some of Brighton and Hove’s most experienced teachers in bright, airy, sunlit studios, and a welcoming and friendly environment.
08_SCC Synergy Creative Community is a mental health peer-led community organisation based in Brighton, East Sussex. We started in 2009 and registered as a Community Interest Company in 2015. We take a creative approach to well-being and mental health by running weekly sessions of art, music, creative writing, cookery and mindfulness meditation. Synergy has become a space to connect with others and share experiences.


SoulFood is a new venture for Mothers Uncovered. We are running  workshops that aim to help Brighton based parents (and other family members) re-engage with food. Participants will share their own food memories and experiences and experiment with new foods and cooking. Each session will involve preparing and eating a meal.
These sessions cover: exploring new ways to feed a family healthily on a tight budget, learning quick and easy lunchbox tricks for families on the move, caring for the sick, weaning, comfort food and how to look after our moods as well as our bodies.
02_f4clogogrey Frameworks 4 Change works with emotionally savvy, compassionate, purposeful leaders and organizations to embrace positive change and achieve something far greater than than any of us can achieve alone. Their actions, decisions, and systems are actually perfectly designed for the outcomes they are creating right now.
05_Grow-MIndfulness-Green Grow mindfulness is a social enterprise intent on making a real difference to health and happiness by helping people of all incomes and needs to learn mindfulness. They are teaching mindfulness courses for social care, public services and the third sector; helping the helpers to build their own resilience and provide high quality.
06_Haps We Are HAPS currently setting up a social enterprise with the primary mission of helping people take more control of their happiness. The aim is to use profits from the nutritional supplement I’m developing to support like-minded charities/organisations instead of the big pharmaceutical companies profiting. We’re strong believers that businesses can and should be a force for good. PEOPLE before profits. So we’ll be teaming up with other like-minded organisations making people happier and using a big chunk of any profits to further support our mission.
03_BSBlogo From talks and demonstrations of a variety of wellbeing approaches giving you practical tools to reduce your stress level, to a range of classes, workshops and courses carefully selected based on their effectiveness and affordability, Hove StressBusters is a community programme dedicated to wellbeing and stress management. Hove StressBusters is a public forum powered by the Sussex Wellbeing Company. The forum is open to therapists, practitioners, teachers and the members of the local community interested in exchanging knowledge and learning different approaches to understanding and combating stress.
 Human-Touch The idea for the Human Touch was born originally many years ago when the project leader, Mary, was unable to afford complementary therapies. She went to college to do a reflexology course and was given treatments as part of the course. Her health and well being benefited immediately. She became aware that there were then and still are now, so many people in local communities who, because of their financial and other life circumstances, would normally view complementary therapies as a luxury and made the decision to always make inclusive space within her therapy practice.

Earth Sky Dance is an opportunity to dance from the inside out. To be present to what you feel, and to move with it. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, or how technically able you are. That’s not the point. It’s a Journey of Self-exploration through movement, shifting and changing in form. And you work with where you’re at. There are no steps to get right or wrong. It’s your own Creative Process. Direct Experience. Engagement with Self, however you are.

03_Dao-Natural-Health Dao Natural Health leaded by Ruth Summers helps you by finding your peace of mind trough medical qigong therapy, sound therapy, Indian head massage and many other natural ways. “Balancing, health & wellbeing for mind, body & soul, enhancing the quality of life for all, naturally”. Our aim is to provide a complementary approach to holistic health and wellbeing working alongside conventional medicine, helping to bring mind, body and soul back into balance naturally.
 Restorative-wholeness-logo_colourJPEG[1] Restorative Wholeness is about stepping into who we truly are and living life from our creative essence in an ecologically dynamic, interconnected world. It is about transformation and healing. It involves Professional Journey Healing and Support with Muzammal, a  sensitive & skilled. medically qualified, Accredit Journey Therapist trained by Brandon Bays, with a background in mental health.

Let’s take control of our minds as we do when exercising our bodies. Debbie Young has been practising mindfulness for over 25 years and have the privilege of teaching this practice to many people, who have discovered the immense benefits. Mentally feeling peaceful, happier, calm and in control of their minds.

 01_kirsten-chick-nutritional-therapist Kirsten Chick provides workshops for community groups, in educational settings and for corporate well being programmes and events. Workshops can be either in series or as one-off events on a wide range of topics, including digestive health, reducing the effects of stress, hormonal support, bone and joint support, women’s health, fertility and pregnancy, children’s health, heart health and cancer prevention.
 Ann O'Keife Ann O’Keife has a passion to serve, support and inspire. She is a solution focused therapist, healer, rune reader, teacher and artist. Ann is fascinated and inspired by personal growth and human evolution, symbolism and the natural kingdom. After qualifying as a reflexologist in London, she relocated to Brighton in 1999 to co-run a health store.  Her yearning to learn grew; Ann studied Indian head massage, Healing, Counselling, Talking therapies and meditation techniques.