Community Loops


Community loops was a team of project coordinators that offer fun, accessible and intuitive activities that engaged the wider community through the connectivity of electronic music making. We believe that through the connectivity of electronic music making, no matter how ‘unskilled’ or ‘unmusical’ a person may feel, they can still be included as a valid part of a music making process. Alternatively no matter how skilled and musical an individual may feel, for a truly healthy creative output they should not be left ostricised from experimental, playful and unintentional music making.

With the multitude of possibilities modern electronics available, accommodating individual preferences becomes increasingly possible and a greater fluidity in connecting more diverse groups is easier. The Western view of music can be commercial, celebrity dominated and technically elite, whereas many non-western cultures with healthier communities prioritize aspects such as inclusion, participation and oral traditions. Community Loops promotes values more central to the socially and personally beneficial elements of music making, through the appreciation of simplistic musical forms, cooperation before aesthetic and the adaptability and possibilities offered by large combinations of electronics.

This is why the Community loops team collaborate their knowledge and equipment to bring together a large electronic music set ups for people to partake in. The joy of electronics applied to intuitive music making is that every sound becomes a valid part of the process. The sounds become relative to the process, for where one sound seems out of place, it is then integrated into the music through adaption by the series of music devices.

Community Loops ran a regular open studio at The Brighton Synergy Centre, every Sunday from 2-6.

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