Aims & Objectives


  • To promote the individual and collective well being, health and happiness of people living in communities, particularly those suffering from social exclusion, poverty and the associated low levels of well-being, mental and spiritual health.
  • To raise awareness of healthy and sustainable living practices and thereby empower people to adopt healthier, happier and more ecological lifestyles.
  • To tackle worklessness and social exclusion in the community by providing people with the necessary support, inspiration and infrastructure to become more economically, socially, culturally and spiritually active citizens.
  • To highlight the importance of creativity as a means of providing people, particularly the young, with an outlet for self expression and a means of enhancing self esteem and confidence, the lack of which lie at the root of much antisocial behaviour.
  • To build the capacity of local groups and individuals working in the field of citizenship and cultural education in healthy, sustainable and ethical living.


  • To provide much needed affordable community facilities and space where a wide variety of people can gather to deliver projects, pool experience and best practice, fulfilling an invaluable synergising role, whereby the whole is considerably stronger and more effective than the mere sum of its constituent parts.
  • To act as a resource base where workshops, presentations and exhibitions in a variety of healthy and sustainable living, personal and social development and empowerment techniques can be facilitated.
  • To provide advice, training and mentoring to nurture the development of other voluntary / third sector organisations to provide services to local people.
  • To operate a community arts venue for the development and presentation of a wide variety of both professional and community arts initiatives, incubating and showcasing emerging talent and raising vocational and life skills associated with achieving success in the creative industries.
  • To provide a variety of other innovative services to facilitate the reintegration of socially and economically excluded people.