Brighton Synergy

The second Synergy Centre was located in a disused and semi-derelict former night club on West Street, central Brighton. Between 2015 and 2017, the Synergy team conducted an extensive programme of renovations delivered by a large team of volunteers. The venue hosted more creative and conscious events than are normally found on West Street, where there was a culture of binge drinking and anti-social behaviour that is found in many city and town centres. The centre team organised a number of projects working with the local rough-sleeping community.

The Brighton Synergy team hosted a number of events under the Brighton Social Forum banner, the ‘Synergy Sunday’ family friendly events and worked with local promoters to host more commercial nights to help pay the bills.

The centre provided affordable workshop and events space and acted as a space for the development of the conscious / progressive community in Brighton and Hove.

Perhaps the highlight of Synergy’s brief tenure at West Street was when they hosted The World Transformed conference which ran parallel to the Labour Party Conference in 2017.,