Synergy Trainees

During its tenure in Camberwell, the Centre enrolled a number of interns in the area of event management, marketing, research and public relations, assisting with all administrative aspects of setting up and running an event or project and working with the Centre event and venue management team to promote and support the centre and the events it hosted.

Synergy Trainees worked in a vibrant and enjoyable environment, as part of a dynamic and committed team learning new skills, making contacts in the wider creative/cultural, environmental, holistic and African cultural sectors, thereby opening up future prospects of paid employment.

As trainees / interns devleop their skills and experience, so do future in-house employment opportunities emerge. As well as being taught skills by more experienced professionals, trainees also benefit from ‘work based learning’ where they apply their learning at the in-house Synergy Events.

Particular areas in which interns worked included:

Programming – researching and contacting artists / musicians / DJs etc to perform at the events.

Promotion – designing, producing and distributing promotional materials, whether on-line or directly.

Media / PR – writing, distributing and following up on press releases to generate media coverage for the events. Researching and cultivating new press / media contacts.

Public Relations / Outreach – researching and developing new partnerships and helping to promote campaigns and causes in the field.

Production Management / Support – all aspects of putting an event together, including technical aspects such as sound, light, décor, visuals as well as catering, security, health and safety.