The Synergy Centre hosts or delivers a wide range of activities :

Synergy Events – community out-reach and engagement events that harness the power of creative and cultural media to raise awareness of topical social issues and facilitate dialogue and consultation between a variety of organisations and individuals working in the grass roots, voluntary sector. They use the power of creative media and enterainment to communicate progressive social messages, enagaging people in subtle ways to develop a progressive culture as the basis for lasting social change. For more info, please see here.

The Synergy Economy – a combination of a skills database and employment directory for people working in the sustainbility and wellbeing sectors, using a complementary currency so as to promote the growth of the sustainable and wellbeing economy.

Social Enterprise Support – advice, guidance and training for people wishing to set up and operate a social enterprise working in the sustanability and wellbeing sectors.

Synergy Trainees / Internsan opportunity young people in particular to gain experience in the fields of event, venue and artist management, learning through doing under the guidance of industry professionals with 25+ experience in the field.

Activist Training – support, advice, training and mentoring for local people and emerging organisations seeking to bring about progressive social change.

Synergy Youth – a variety of activities geared towards young people, including opportunities for them to become more creatively and social active.