Water reuse

Water reuse in an earthship design is an innovative system that minimizes water waste. Water is used around 4 times and is typically collected from rain. Once purified the water is first used for consumption and cleansing, either showers, baths, dishes etc. Apart from the consumed water, it is collected into a gray water tank, situated under a botanical cell. The plants in the cell are fed the clean water, while the remaining chemical/ bacteria tainted gray water is kept, dealt with by a gray water organizing module to be used for flushing. The consumed water inevitably ends up in the toilet, which when flushed, pumps gray water from the module, through the toilet into a closely located solar septic tank. The solar septic tank has a glazed south side to aid the anaerobic process, the remaining water feeds an exterior non edible botanical cell, which acts as landscaping for the building, while the remaining sewage is piped out to a leach field. The result is 0 pollution, independent wastage system, that requires no external inputs or outputs (besides rain and a field), creates both edible and non edible foliage free of maintenance and ensures maximum water efficiency.