Bamboo Houses

Bamboo Houses are an eco friendly upgrade to more common wood building materials. As strong as mild steel, with a compression strength of concrete, one inch of bamboo can hold up to 7 ½ tons. Because of bamboos ability to bend before breaking, it is far better equipped for natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, even termites have been proven to avoid bamboo. Air quality in a bamboo house is better due to a lack of adhesive and polymer material, bamboo in construction is treated with minimal natural borates. Bamboo can be harvested in under 10 years from the forests’ plantation, by comparison, trees take 20-50 years. A second advantage of bamboo is that when harvested, the trunks begin growing again, whereas tree roots rot into the ground releasing carbon. As we can see, Ibuku are capable of building highly complex structures purely from bamboo in multiple countries and locations.

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