Treehouse designs are mostly considered as temporary living resorts with some cases having permanent residents. The leading figure in this field is Michael Garnier, who has 20 years experience building tree houses and travels ‘darn near anywhere’ to help get projects ‘off the ground’. A tree house can last up to 50 years without reconfiguration, making them more than a fantasy hide out. The designs Michael Garnier has developed include single tree 12′ (diameter, 10′ deep) octagon with loft, single tree 16′ hexagon with porch and loft, and a double tree cabled square with porch. The designs hinge on the ‘knee braces’ which are screwed into trees and create a point of construction. From the living quarters additional features can be included such as stairs and ladders, bridges and balconies. Fincabellavista is an entire off-grid treehouse community in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica and resembles an Ewok village from the original Star Wars saga.

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