The Synergy Youth Project


The Synergy Centre is excited to announce a new project designed to enable young people aged 14-17 interested in working in the creative and culture industries to gain experience and confidence in a ‘real life’ live music and arts venue while showcasing to their peers. The events will also create a space in which organisations working in the field of the personal and professional development of young people or who are interested in raising awareness of issues surrounding health, happiness and wellbeing can engage with them in an accessible and entertaining social setting.

Synergy Youth

Students from the DV8 project at the Synergy Centre

In Addition to live and electronic music, the Synergy Youth Project events will be supporting all forms of art: such as live art, poetry, dancing, spoken word, rap, MC’ing and visual arts.

In addition, young people will be welcomed to participate not just as musicians. All events will be planned, promoted, managed and delivered by students and / or their peers including programming, promotion, press and media relations, public relations, financial management and catering, with guidance from experienced professionals where necessary.

Benefits for Partners

Organisational partners can benefit from participation in the following ways:

  • Opportunity to refer young beneficiaries to participate in the Synergy Youth Project events.
  • Opportunity to hold outreach and engagement stalls at Synergy Youth Project events, raise awareness of the organization’s work and recruit new participant.
  • Opportunity to network with other partners in the Synergy Youth Project network and thereby generate additional partnerships and collaborations.

Benefits for Individuals

Single young people can benefit from participation in the Synergy Youth Project in the following ways:

  • Opportunities to showcase their creative skills, gain valuable performance experience, build their creative CV and gain exposure.
  • Opportunities to learn and improve valuable project and event management skills in the creative culture and economy.
  • Opportunities to work in an enjoyable and creative environment alongside other young people from across the city, expanding social and professional networks.
  • Opportunities to find out more about other work experience, youth exchange and volunteering opportunities.

The Synergy Youth Project has already hosted two events. The first was the ‘Style’ youth club night and the second a live music showcase event with an impressive line-up of emerging young bands.

Synergy Youth

The Synergy Youth Project will soon commence the delivery of two modules of the wider project, details of which can be found here. These include :

DJing workshops – providing training in a wide variety of skills and technologies employed by contemporary DJs. These workshops will start in September and will be available for young people aged 14-17 living in the Brighton and Hove area. The workshops will cover techniques such as phrasing, beat matching, equalising, set building, transitions with loops effects and dropping on the one (dropping a track at the end of a phrase or to transition at the end of a phrase) and will focus on the Rekordbox software produced by Pioneer.

Synergy Music – we will shortly be setting up a studio at the centre which will feature a wide variety of instruments such as Roland SPD drum pads, the Korg Wavedrum, Midi Keyboards, the Boss RC505 Loopstation, Pioneer CDJ1000s, turntables, a 16 channel MOTU pro-audio interface and computers running Ableton, Logic, Fruityloops and Reason. Over the next few months we will be meeting every Friday night to develop experimental sets combining digital beats and basslines, samples and live performance which will eventually be performed at a series of Synergy Youth events in the autumn.

Event Management – in the run up to the launch of the Synergy Youth Events in the autumn, Synergy will be looking to recruit a number of young people who will assist with their management, promotion and production.

Interested in finding out more about how to Get Involved / Become a partner in the Synergy Youth Project?

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