Strawbale Housing

Strawbale Housing is typically 75% more energy efficient than conventional framing. It provides superior sound insulation and contrary to belief does not invite any more pests and is at no greater risk of fire than typical housing. There are a number of things to keep in mind when shopping for bales, among them are size and density. Moisture is an important thing to monitor and special tools are required for construction with straw bales. Straw bale designs have been known to last thousands of years and interior design ideas such as seating, alcoves and window sills are possible. Plumbing is better off run underneath the building than through walls, and electrical fittings are possible. The U.S alone burns (disposes of) 200 million tons of ‘waste straw’ every year, damaging the planet with co2 from combustion, the houses are eco efficient in that they replace wood also. Straw is yet another material that is not only cheaper and easier to use than common construction materials, but would actually save the planet from toxins if given a purpose.

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