Plastic Bottle House, Kaduna

Plastic Bottle House, Kaduna, Nigeria. A 58 Square metre, two bedroom home is built from plastic bottles filled with sand in spare of cinder blocks, held together with mud, cement and string. It maintains a steady temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, protected against the hot Nigerian climate. This example required 14,000 bottles, many of which were donated by local embassies, hotels and restaurants. Nigeria is a country that throws approximately 3,000,000 bottles daily and has a housing deficit of 16 million units. The entire project cost 2 million Naira (appx. £3,500). The ‘bottle brick’ concept began in 2002, in India and South and Central America, it creates an attractive construction method that re purposes a fatal waste issue. The bottles are not necessarily plastic and in many cases such as Earthships glass bottles are used. Ghana suffers major issues of plastic waste and could equally benefit from demonstrations of such a simple, cost and environmentally efficient form of construction. 

bottle-bricks towers_bottles