Outreach & Development

Engaging with the Brighton and Hove community on the plans for the B&H Climate Alliance is essential. We therefore have a number of phases of outreach to conduct this process.

Stage 1

We have shared a draft outline proposal with a number of organisations, networks and individuals in the City :

Many of these have given us feedback and constructive criticism which have enabled us to improve the outreach materials.

We have also reached out via email to a number of Councillors on Brighton and Hove City Council, particularly members of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee and Ward Councillors in the area of our target building. The response from them has been very disappointing, suggesting there is a need for other channels through which the community can have a voice on Climate Change related issues. We have finalised our outreach and engagement materials which can be read here and here, including a sign-up and consultation form which can be viewed here

Stage 2

We are about to start on the 2nd phase of our outreach, conducting and outreach exercise using social media, the local press and radio. In the first instance, people and organisations will be invited to sign up, providing their contact information as well as sharing their thoughts and values about climate action in the city. 

As people sign up, we will be distributing a weekly e-newsletter about the development of the Alliance and the work of member organisations / individuals as well as directing people to the online discussion forum, on which people will be invited to make suggestions about how best to design and deliver the outreach strategy. 

The Synergy Centre will shortly be submitting and application to the National Lottery Community Fund  for funds to support the development of the Alliance and a Centre which will act as a resource base and outreach vehicle for it. If successful the funds will come online in the summer of 2023, allowing time for the necessary refurbisments on the target building to be done. In order for the substantial rent to be affordable, Synergy will need to obtain either a premises licence or club premises certificate (for a not-for-profit private members club). This will enable them to bring online the Synergy Events which serve both to bring in new audiences to the Climate Action community but also to generate income streams which can be used to fund educational and other activities. At a time when local authorities have little or no money to fund the promotion of their sustainability strategies and plans, this social enterprise model has many advantages.

Stage 3

Once we have gained some momentum in signing people up, we will hold an inaugural meeting of the Alliance at which a variety of issues will be discussed, including governance and the need to incorporate as a voluntary / not-for-profit organisation. We envisage electing a committee who will then take over the running of the Alliance in organisational terms. At this point, we envisage The Alliance separating organisationally from The Synergy Centre, having its own bank account and website.

Stage 4

Once the necessary refurbishments have been done and the permissions obtained, the Centre will open, holding monthly Synergy Gatherings, which will feature a debate / discussion on a topical issue relating to sustainability of wellbeing, followed by a party.

The current target for opening the Centre is October 2023.