Earthship is now a trademark design of ‘biotechture’ founder Michael Reynolds. Its key features include rammed earth tires, which give purpose to the wasted, earth damaging tires, by packing them with earth and using them as bricks (Often tires are given away for free, sometimes payments will be made to people who take them). The rammed earth- tire bricks are surrounded by a thermal wrap, which uses the thermal mass of the planets earth to regulate indoor temperature at a steady 58 degrees regardless of the outdoor temperature. South facing windows topped with solar panels make the most of the suns rays, providing energy to a botanical cell that grows food for the occupants. Water is collected from rain and used up to four times, before being treated as sewage on sight in an underground contained wastage tank, feeding non edible foliage outside that further insulates the building. Many of the principles that have been devised for the earthship can be applied to non-earthship buildings, many people over the world have built there own earthship- inspired domain with minimal skilled labour.

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